The Ambitious City

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The Ambitious City

by Scott Thornley

The sinking of two American warships in 1813, and their discovery 160 years later, has the City of Dundurn embarking on an ambitious project to bring the pristine ships to a rarely used wharf on Dundurn Bay, as part of the city’s rejuvenation.

Though everyone knew the myths from the 20th century, of bodies encased in concrete being dumped in the bay, the city isn’t prepared for what the dredging reveals. The mayor calls MacNeice, an old friend, to deal with the mess before it becomes a personal embarrassment and a threat to the success of the project.

However, as MacNeice begins to unravel the mysteries of the waterfront, a young woman is horribly slashed to death at the foot of the mountain, followed by another down at the beach. A third survives, but is incapable of describing her attacker other than to say, that he “wore black and has a black bubble head.”