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Scott Thornley

Represented by Bruce Westwood and Chris Casuccio,
Westwood Creative Artists

Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario, my love of drawing was, I thought, going to lead to a career as an artist. Instead, I became a graphic designer and employed my own illustration and photography when the client couldn’t afford an outside source. Similarly, I began writing copy when I realized that all creative is a conversation or story that unfolds first in the storyteller’s mind. Put simply, we all live in stories; they can become images and deeds, as well as words.

It was in transcribing the vivid dreams that occurred over an eight or nine month span that the character MacNeice, and the initial crime of  “Erasing Memory” emerged.

Scott Thornley + Company

Scott is principal and creative director of Scott Thornley + Company, a strategic creative firm that defines, builds and maintains the brands of clients in Canada, the United States and Great Britain. He has worked for twenty years with the pillars of the Canadian and international cultural and scientific communities in the field of applied storytelling. Having won more than 175 international awards for design, Scott was inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts in 1990.